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SEBI Invites for Empanelment of agencies for providing Digital Forensics Services

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In the backdrop of Rajya Sabha passing the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 on Wednesday, it becomes needless to say that it has become an apparent fact for all enforcement agencies of the government to extract and analyse digital data in order to better regulate.

SEBI had in April last year invited applications from Service Providers having experience in the field of digital forensic services to aid SEBI in assessing front-running scams executed using messaging apps.

This year again, SEBI has invited applications from service providers. The empanelled service providers must be eligible, established, reputed, reliable and resourceful in dealing with Acquisition, Extraction and Analysis of Digital evidence from mobile, computers, tablets etc on an ongoing basis. They are expected to provide onsite data acquisition and offsite assistance to the search team. The major eligibility criteria also include applicant to have had experience of undertaking assignments of digital forensics for Search & Seizure operations conducted by the regulatory body / Government enforcement agencies such as Income Tax / EOW / CBI / FIU etc.

SEBI had last year empanelled eight entities, including Deloitte, EY, Cyber Labs, Cyint Technologies, Ecs Info, Mazars, Pelorus Technologies and SysTools Software Pvt Ltd for providing digital forensic services.

A copy of agencies empanelled for providing Digital Forensics Services to SEBI last year is enclosed below.

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