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Pen & Paper

Explore insightful articles and editorial pieces authored by Regstreet Law Advisors. Our articles, featured in prestigious financial newspapers and magazines, delve into crucial policy matters currently under consideration by the Government of India and financial regulators. We illuminate the intricacies of policy formulation and spotlight the evolutionary journey of regulatory law.
Witness Regstreet Law Advisors making headlines with its perspectives. Our Founder and Managing Partner, Sumit Agrawal, is actively sought after by the media for his expert opinions on pivotal subjects within the financial regulatory realm. His insights reverberate through various domestic and global print, electronic, and digital media platforms. Stay informed at the cutting edge of financial regulatory insights.
Immerse yourself in our RegPosts, where we dissect and analyze a spectrum of regulatory updates, ranging from rulings issued by financial regulators and Appellate Tribunals to amendments and circulars. Our concise takes provide you with quick and brief notes, at times offering swift yet comprehensive insights into the dynamic landscape of regulatory changes.
Digital Media
Explore a compilation of appearances by our Founder and Managing Partner, Sumit Agrawal, in debates, discussions, and roundtables alongside other experts in the field. These engagements revolve around financial regulatory news in the digital media. Delve into these engaging discussions to stay updated on vital regulatory dialogues.