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SEBI Board Meeting – 25.06.2020

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SEBI held its board meeting today and took the following decisions:

(1) Relaxation for preferential issues by providing an additional pricing methodology apart from the one prescribed under Regulation 164(1) of ICDR Regulations.

(2) Amendments to Takeover Code: allowing bulk/block deal acquisition during open offer; deposit of amount in escrow 2 days before detailed public statement in case of open offer due to indirect acquisition; 10% simple interest payable to shareholders tendering shares in case of certain delay in making open offer.

(3) Insider Trading Regulations: Maintenance of structured digital database; automated filing of disclosure; trading window restrictions; norms related to non-compliance with code of conduct violations.

(4) Settlement Regulations: Changes to calculation of base amount; rationalisation of calculation in certain instances; informing settlement option as part of Show Cause Notice.

(5) Annual Report of 2019-20 approved and to be submitted to central government.

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