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SEBI Board conducts its 202nd meeting

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The SEBI Board conducted its 202nd in Mumbai yesterday. The SEBI Board discussed various trends in the securities markets including technology trends and SEBI’s approach to proactively planning for the same going forward.

The Board inter alia approved the following:

1. The Board approved the proposal to provide flexibility in the framework for Large Corporates (LCs) for meeting their financing needs from debt market

2. With the view to facilitate ease of compliance and ease of doing business, the Board also decided to retain the requirement that compliance with the framework will be met over a continuous block of three years. Further, it has been decided to dispense with the requirement on LCs for filing a statement identifying itself as an LC and statement regarding compliance with the framework.

3. Further, with a view to further streamline the credit of unclaimed amounts and provide for claims of such unclaimed amounts, the Board has approved amendments to the IPEF Regulations, LODR Regulations, REIT Regulations and InvIT Regulations with the objective of prescribing a uniform process of claim for such amounts and creating a regulatory framework for segregation of unclaimed amounts of investors in the IPEF.

4. The SEBI Board decided to allow time up to September 30, 2025 for compliance with enhanced qualification and experience requirements for Investment Advisers.

For those interested, a copy of the SEBI Press release as available on its website, is enclosed. We extend an invitation to securities law enthusiasts to share their academic insights on this.

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